Camo, Leopard, Cardigans and Complete Fall Fashion Trend Looks Under $60, Affordable Fashion Edition

If there is one thing I love its cute clothes that don't break the bank.  I am a bargain shopper to the core and nothing excites me more than finding a great quality product that is reasonably priced or on sale.  While I love some brands that are pricey, I also don't think you always have to spend a fortune to look good.  I try to have a good balance.  

A couple of weeks ago on my Instagram stories, I asked what you guys wanted to see.  Overwhelmingly, I had people ask for clothing options that were budget friendly.  And one person even challenged me to create complete outfits, including shoes, under $50.  I don't typically back down from a challenge, so I am happy to share with you three complete outfits that also incorporates some of this seasons biggest trends; camouflage and leopard.  Two of these are right at $55 and one is right at $60, but that is for everything even cute shoes.

First up, can you believe this cowl neck tunic sweater  is only $17!?!  It comes in multiple colors, is super soft and runs true to size.  I don't see this pink online, but it was in my local store.  I think the olive color is great too.  They would be perfect with leggings too because they are long enough to cover. These high waisted jeans are really good quality, hold things in and are flattering.  I think these jeans run slightly small, I am wearing a 4 for reference.  Finally, these fringe booties are so cute!  They are comfortable and stylish.  And for under $20, they can't be beat.  They would look great with dresses and skirts too.  I think they run true to size as well.

Complete Outfit Total:  $54
Tunic    Jeans    Booties

The next outfit is the same skinny jeans, but this time I paired them with a black cut out body suit, camo duster cardigan and some slip on tennis shoes.  The bodysuit is so soft.  And I love the cutout detail, it is so edgy looking!  Plus, bodysuits remind me of high school so that makes me feel young.  Ha!  It is a junior fit, so I sized up to a medium for comfort.  The camo cardigan has a hood and is duster length.  It also has pockets, which I love.  I sized up to a medium on it as well for the same reason.  I finished the look with comfortable slip on shoes.  (I could not link the exact bodysuit, duster or shoes online, but check your local store! I am sorry!)

Complete Outfit Total:  $57
Duster (similar)   Bodysuit    Jeans    Shoes

The final look is an adorable cream sweater with button details.  It is perfect to pair with a lot of different things, but you can never go wrong styling it with skinny jeans.  I can't find the exact one on their site, but I found one that I might love more with fringe!    But my favorite part of this outfit is by far the leopard booties.  I have been searching for some that are reasonably priced, because lets face it, who knows how long they will be trendy.  These are so budget friendly and come in at $20!  The are comfy and would look fantastic with leggings, dresses or skirts too.

 Complete Outfit Total:  $54
Sweater    Jeans    Booties

Now, would you believe that everything in these looks came from Walmart?  They have completely stepped up their game.  (And this post is not sponsored!) I can't wait to hear what you guys think of these looks.  I would love to know if you love the camo and leopard trend too.  Head over to my last Instagram post and comment to let me know your thoughts.  While you're there, let me know if you want to see more posts like this with budget friendly looks or something completely different.  As always, thank you so much for your support and kindness.  


Hey Y'all + The Perfect Cream Fleece and Olive Jeans for A Fall Day

Hey Y'all! For my first post, I thought I would answer the very important question...who wants or needs another blog?  Ha! I know there are so many out there and I follow tons of blogs!  I love them all;  but I want to strive to make my blog a different and unique.  How do I want to do this?  Simple.  I think each blogger has their own unique personality.  They each love different things and are at different stages in their lives.  This means that each person can have an impact on someone else in a different way.

Additionally, I will be sharing a lot about my life on this blog.  I may not know you personally, but I firmly believe in the power of community. Sometimes we feel isolated in our struggles and the situations that life throws our way, but we shouldn't.  I know in my heart that other people contemplate real life situations as much as I do.  Raise your hand if you are an over thinker too!  I can't wait to get to know each of you and form friendships with you all.  So by way of introduction, here are five random things about me.

1) I get up super early every morning.  In a perfect world I also work-out, but alas, that has about a 60% success rate.  LOL!  So why do I get up?  I love the solitude and quiet of the morning.  I love the smell of fresh coffee brewing.  And I have my best thoughts and ideas during that time, but I hate talking to people before 8:00 AM, and sometimes that extends until 10:00 AM.  So I guess I am an early riser, but I don't really want to talk to anyone until I have consumed a pot of coffee.

2) I work full-time for a local ophthalmology group in Hendersonville, NC.  I started working there when I had just turned 20! It is so hard to believe that I have been there almost 17 years.  When I started all those years ago, I worked the front desk.  Then I worked my way up to an Administrative Assistant, Executive Assistant and now I am the Marketing and HR Manager.  I firmly believe that my office and physicians are the absolute best in WNC and am loyal to a fault.  And I probably know way more about eyes than I ever imagined!

3) I am a huge lover of music.  I listen to lyrics and memorize them.  I love to express myself in song and connect my mood with what I listen to on a daily basis.  I am obsessed "overly invested" in the artists that I love the most and don't really understand if someone hates them.  My two favorite artists are Eric Church and Taylor Swift.  I am proud member of the "Church Choir" a "Swiftie" through and through.  I know they could not be farther apart in style, but they both are lyrical poets.  And for me, that is the ultimate talent.  I love to dig into the lyrics and truly listen to the words for what they mean to me and my life.

4) While I am on the subject my love of words, I am a total book nerd.  I read everything from romance and historical fiction to vampires and witches.  You should know that I am a Potterhead.  If you don't love Harry Potter, I just feel bad for you. ;-)  I actually used to roll my eyes at people who read the HP books too. But one day, at a library book sale, I bought the first book.  The intention was to read it so I could tell people they were wrong and it wasn't that great. (Know it all! LOL)  But it totally backfired on me!  I ended up reading all 7 books in less than two weeks.  It was all I did! Get up, read, go to work, read on every break, come home and read some more.  I don't even remember eating or sleeping when I was reading them.  They are just that good!

5) I have always loved clothes, shoes and fashion. In high school, I worked at JCPenney and would constantly put new outfits together.  And I loved to help customers find things they felt beautiful wearing too.  But because I worked in the retail world, I got used to good sales and great prices.  I will flat out tell you that I am a bargain hunter when it comes to clothes. I love to look good and dress well, but I don't want to break the bank when I do it. Unless it is a crazy, rare splurge, I am only buying things when they are on sale and preferably with an extra discount.  So if you love good deals, I am your girl!  I may not always be considered "cutting edge"; and that is intentional on my part, as I tend to purchase pieces that I consider classic and timeless.  I love to use pieces from years ago and mix with new finds to create completely new looks.

Speaking of good deals, the fleece that I am wearing is a steal!  It is under $20! Can you believe it is from Walmart?  I was so amazed at how warm it is too.  It comes in a grey color as well and is really soft and cozy.  For reference, I am wearing a small.  It is a little oversized, but I like my pullovers a little big.  My green denim is from the Loft Outlet.  I snagged these for a steal at the end of the summer, and they aren't available anymore.  But, I am going to get these in the deep olive color because they look really comfy and I think they will go with so many things.    Finally, my shoes are oldies but goodies.  I could not find the exact ones, but linked similar. The ones I linked have a lower heel and I think would probably be little more comfy and casual with this look.



Coming Soon!

Check back on Tuesday, October 23, 2018 for my first blog post!