The Perfect Easter Dress: Calvin Klein Coral Crochet Ruffle Sleeve Sheath Dress

I am not sure about the rest of the country, but in the south, Easter dresses are a must.  I have so many memories of looking for the perfect dress to celebrate.  As I have mentioned before, my Mom was an avid shopper, bargain hunter and fashionista. I have some photos from Easter in the 80's and 90's to prove it below.  Enjoy that blast from the past. Ha! 

When I became a Mom I continued the same tradition.  I have drug my kids all over the country looking for the perfect dress, accessories and shoes.  One year when Hope was around 4, my Mom, sister in law, Hope and me went to Gaffney looking for dresses.  I think we spent hours trying on all the pretty, southern dresses for Hope until we found the best one...all the ruffles, lace and ribbons please.  :)  

This is the first year I have not shown my Mom my Easter dress.  And as simple and mundane as it sounds, it is devastating for me to not be able to show her and have her opinion on it; or to not have her around to help me look for shoes or jewelry to compliment it.  In fact, the Thursday before my Mom passed away, we had dinner together and we talked about going shopping together to find dresses the next weekend.  This post is somewhat bittersweet for me to write, but I am holding on to the great memories we have together and I know that she would LOVE the dress I chose.  

I got this gorgeous coral dress at the Dressbarn.  Yes, you read that right, they have some of the cutest dresses!  This one is actually a Calvin Klein and is so reasonably priced.  The best part about this dress is the sleeve detail.  I am a sucker for bell sleeves and pretty accents.  I added some gold studded t-strap heels in nude and all gold jewelry.  This look just screams Spring, Easter, church and class.  My Mama would love it.  I have linked this dress (under $50!) and all the other items below. Do you have an Easter dress too?  What are your Easter traditions?  I would love to hear them! 



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  1. This dress is absolutely gorgeous! It looks stunning on you!!